Transverse Thermo/Thermo Parallel

Transverse Thermo/Thermo Parallel

System Design

1 Aluminium profile  
2 ARWEI special connectors
3 Plastic profile on aluminium support
4 Stainless steel profile
5 Brass profile
6 Glass fiber reinforced plastic beam

Thermo Alu-Rollrost
Transverse Thermo aluminium roll grating* PDFData Sheet »
Alu Kunststoff-Rollrost
Transverse Thermo aluminium/plastic roll grating* PDFData Sheet »
Thermo-Edelstahl Rollrost
Transverse Thermo stainless steel roll grating* PDFData Sheet »
Thermo quer Messing-Rollrost
Transverse Thermo brass roll grating* PDFData Sheet »
Thermo parallel Winkel
Parallel Thermo Angle** PDFData Sheet »
Thermo parallel Elegant
Parallel Thermo Elegant** PDFData Sheet »
 Product Height Profile Width of Profile Distance of Profile
 Transverse Thermo aluminium roll grating  17 or 22 mm  Aluminium sheer or anodized  15 mm  14 mm
 Transverse Thermo aluminium/plastic roll grating  22 or 27 mm  Aluminium with plastic walking area  15 mm  14 mm
 Transverse Thermo stainless steel roll grating  17 or 22 mm  V2A stainless steel  15 mm  14 mm
 Transverse Thermo brass roll grating  17 or 22 mm  Brass  15 mm  14 mm
 Parallel Thermo Angle  27 or 34 mm  Bright or anodized aluminium  4 or 6 mm  11 or 9 mm
 Parallel Thermo Elegant  34 or 41 mm  Bright or anodized aluminium  4 or 6 mm  11 or 9 mm

* Longitudinal section
** Cross section through supporting width